Our Process

Most remodeling projects introduce at least a small element and sometimes a lot of chaos into our lives and schedules. Understanding that, Hoeft Construction strives to make the remodeling experience as enjoyable and organized as we can thereby minimizing the disruption and stress in our client’s lives.

Our process is a series of small steps leading to the final goal – a finished project – and you control every step. The first steps are small allowing us time to get to know and trust one another. The following outline is a guide for our customers so you may better understand the process we have developed with our clients.

CONTACT US – The first step is for you to call our office at 636-343-4458  to invite us to meet with you. Or feel free to contact us via e-mail and we will be in touch with you on the next business day.

INITIAL INTERVIEW – We will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet in your home to discuss your project and our services. This meeting may last from a half hour to 2 hours or more depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We’ll look at the space you want to remodel or expand, discuss your ideas and dreams and the budget you are working with, as well as answer any questions you might have about our company. At the end, we’ll discuss whether it makes sense for us to continue the process and if so what the next steps are.

PRELIMINARY BUDGET REVIEW AND DESIGN RETAINER – If we move forward, we’ll take the information gathered in the initial interview and develop a Preliminary Budget Range for the project based on what we know. We’ll also send you our references and our insurance information so that you can do your homework in the meantime. When we are ready, we’ll meet again to discuss the Budget Range, the Preliminary Specifications and at that time we’ll present you with our Planning Agreement. We’ll discuss your comfort level with the budget range, and with us as a company you would like to work with. If we are both agreeable, we’ll decide to take the next step at which point you would provide us with a retainer that will cover our time that we need to invest with you over the coming weeks to Design your new space.

FORMAL DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT PHASE – In this step, you agree to hire Hoeft Construction to Design your project and to assist you in developing the Specifications necessary to produce firm pricing and ultimately a formal Construction Agreement that includes a fixed price agreement. We will work closely with you to design the new space you are dreaming about, assist you in making all final selections of fixtures, materials and finishes and ultimately draft the Construction Proposal.

AGREEMENT PRESENTATION – Once the Design is complete and you are satisfied with it, we will present you with a formal Construction Agreement. If all is well, you sign it and we move into the Construction Phase.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE – The construction phase starts with the Pre-Construction Conference, proceeds into the actual construction and finishes on time and on budget with a beautiful new space.

COMPLETION MEETING – We will meet once more after everything has been completed to walk thought the finished space, address any final concerns, and ask for your feedback from your experience working with us so that we can better serve our future clients.