Will you provide me with written references from clients?
HCI will provide you a reference list with at least 10 past clients that are more than willing to speak to prospective clients about their experience with HCI.
Do you guarantee your work?
Hoeft Construction Worry-Free Warranty Hoeft Construction, Inc. warrants the condition of the work performed for periods of time as follow: Finishes: 3 Years applies to paint, drywall, floor coverings, trim and millwork, cabinetry. Systems: 3 Years applies to roofing, waterproofing, windows and doors, electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. Structure: 3 Years applies to all structural components. Warranty does not apply to normal maintenance items or fixtures, appliances and finishes which carry a separate manufacturer's warranty. You, our client, agree to accept the manufacturer's warranty for those items in lieu of the warranty from Hoeft Construction. Final billing for all work, including changes and allowances, must be paid in full before any warranty claims will be accepted by Hoeft construction. All warranty claims must be presented to Hoeft Construction in writing.
How do you handle the “dirty work”?
HCI utilizes air scrubber, zipper walls and a host of other home protection products to maintain a clean working environment. Each day our carpenters will clean their work space and entry areas to remove all debris to keep your family and pets safe during your project.ard, children and pets. Make sure the contractor has a plan in place to sweep up and place all construction debris in a predetermined place or refuse container at the end of every day.
Do you carry workers’ compensation insurance?
Make sure your contractor carries workers’ compensation insurance, as it protects you from liability if a worker is injured while on your property. If the contractor does not carry workers’ compensation coverage, you may be liable for any injuries suffered by the contractor, or any of his employees while on your property. HCI is a fully insured with liability and workman’s compensation.
Are you licensed and insured? Are your subcontractors licensed and insured?
While the state of Missouri does not require that contactors have a license most municipalities require one. HCI is licensed in all municipalities in the great st. louis area. HCI only uses licensed and insured subcontractors.
Will you pull all the required building permits?
Make sure your contractor pulls all required permits. When a contractor pulls the required building permits, you know things will be done to “code.” Also, many homeowners’ insurance policies require pulling a permit on any major remodeling to keep your home properly covered. Many contractors prefer not to pull permits because of the time involved and the subsequent inspections that will be performed by regulatory officials. A reputable contractor will permit every job where a permit is required. HCI will pull all of the necessary permits for your project and make sure all inspections are completed.
Who will be in charge of the job?
HCI will assign a lead carpenter to your project to manage your project on a daily basis. This will put your mind at ease about the work that is being done in your home, even when you aren’t present.