Historic Renovations

Most people search within themselves for years to discover their true passion in life. Hoeft Construction, Inc. second-generation owner, Paul Hoeft, was fortunate to discover his passion for building things from a very early age. He was very young when his father began doing business as Hoeft Construction in the greater St. Louis area. He enjoyed learning carpentry from his father so much that working with him became his reward for doing well with his school work. Hoeft Construction, Inc. now employs 10 overly-qualified carpenters who share Paul’s passion for quality craftsmanship.

Historic Renovations

An entire lifetime in the construction industry in the greater St. Louis area has given Paul more than general contracting experience. It has also left him with a deep appreciation for historic buildings and their contributions to our great city’s landscape and skyline. Founded in 1877, the city has seen many types of construction throughout history. Our goal is to help preserve early structures for the benefit of all who wish to preserve and learn from our rich history and unique culture.

Preservation of St. Louis History – Historic Renovations

Our beautiful city holds much more history and many more features than the Gateway Arch. Examples of our rich history may be seen at any time, mixed into the concrete jungle of skyscrapers and modern businesses that initially attract people. Preservation of these historic monuments, homes, and buildings must be maintained in order to continue to educate future generations of their importance.

The contractors at Hoeft Construction, Inc. love this city and her historic properties. We know the value of these historic buildings, and take great pride in the renovation of them. We believe that in renovating these properties, we are helping preserve them by ensuring that they are structurally safe for business or home life. We know that historic renovations must be handled delicately so that the original structure is not harmed.

Honesty and Integrity Still Exist in Construction

The business world is teeming with companies that only look out for their own bottom line. We believe that without honesty and integrity, no job is worth doing. We will provide a realistic plan that will fit within your budget, with no strings attached. We don’t underbid our competition simply to land a job, and then bill you additionally to make up for it later.

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